The Spanish American Center of Niagara Falls Elected Its New Board on August 6th [1922]:

A major social festival will be held on the 26th to raise funds for those in need. As announced, the Spanish American Center of Niagara Falls held an extraordinary general meeting on August 6; the place was full of members. Once the session was open by vicepresident, D. Marciano [sic] Esteban, minutes from previous meetings were read, and the general accounting, up until 31 July was approved. Next, elections were held for vacant position on the board, to replace those who had already fulfilled their elected terms. These were the results: President, Mariano Esteban; VicePresident, Francisco Chacón; treasurer, José Martorell; vice-treasurer, seerino Fernández; secretary, Francisco Camino; vice-secretary, Jesús Garraus; Members at large: Leoncio Armayor, Juan Barquero, Miguel Borrego, Santiago Fernández, Isidro Valle, Manuel Arias…”