From Cathy Varon, of Tampa, Florida

Cathy writes: “The woman standing in front is my grandmother, Maria Villanueva Alvarez, and the woman at the top is her sister, Emilia Villanueva Cabal, I believe the little girl in Emilia’s arms is my mother Elvira Alvarez Varon. The man on the right smoking the cigar is Emilia’s husband, we called him Tio Cuco but I believe his name was Francisco Cabal. The other young man on the left is my mother’s cousin, but I’m not sure which cousin, his name is either Larry or Jimmy Cabal. I don’t recognize the other two women or little girl. I don’t know where this picture was taken but in the days before air-conditioning in Florida it was usually cooler outdoors than in the house. Even when I was growing up we frequently ate outside. I remember my mother and grandmother wrapping a large hot cazuela in a heavy tablecloth to keep it warm and easy to transport. My mother appears to be about 5 years old which would mean the picture was taken in the late 30s, maybe 1938 or 39.”