Frank Campos writes:

“My father, Gabriel Escaño Campos, was born in a little fishing village about 50 miles north of the city Málaga, Spain called Rincón de La Victoria on October 20, 1890. He entered the US in Honolulu in 1909. He worked in the sugar cane fields and on my Grandfather’s ranch. He met my Mother [also from Málaga] and they were married on Honolulu, Hawaii in 1913. They had three daughters born in Hawaii, Caroline, Doris and Mary. They later left for Mountain View, California, where my father set up his business as a shoe maker. They called him El Zapatero. While in Mountain View, they had three more daughters and two sons, Sannie, Dolores, Victoria, Gabriel and Frank. I was the youngest.” In the photo: Gabriel Campos, alias El Zapatero, in his shoe shop in Mountain View, California, with (left to right) his brother Frank, ¿Anita Robles?, unknown boy, and daughters Doris and Caroline.