Very moving post from John A. Rañón, of Tampa, Florida

Thank you, John! I would just add that the whole project –Ni frailes ni conquistadores: Spanish Immigrants in the US– is a collaboration between me and the Spanish journalist and filmmaker, Luis Argeo.

“The Power of Facebook – Recently, I have become aware of the great work being done by Professor James Fernandez of NYU to gather and record the Spanish immigrant story in the U.S., including of course, Tampa. More recently, I became aware that there is a connection between our two families. It turns out that James’ family and my mother Eusebia’s family were friends in Brooklyn, N.Y. when my mother lived there (1931 to 1950) prior to marrying my father. In addition, another mutual family friend, Mr. Alonso, who is 93 years old (same as my father) recently shared some photos of gatherings in upstate New York in the late 1930′, including the one here. For those who know my mother’s family, you may be able to pick her out, as well as my Grandmother, Maria and my Grandfather, Benito. No one in our family had ever seen this photo until this weekend. Thank you James and the power of Facebook.”