Via our friends at Hawaiian Spaniards

Steven Alonzo, Patricia Steele and Cristóbal Navas Pérez have done an absolutely amazing job cleaning up, transcribing and making searchable the manifests of the ships that brought 8,000 Spaniards to the Hawaiian islands between 1907 and 1913. We are all in their debt.
“Heliopolis, Orteric, Willesden, Harpalion, Willesden and Ascot were the ships that delivered our ancestors to Hawaii. The Kumeric also came during this period but only carried immigrants from Portugal. I have worked out the kinks in the webpage and now the transcribed manifests can be viewed here by the public.

Once you have opened one of the manifests by clicking on the Ship name you can use the “Find” function to locate a name. Go to “Edit” and select “Find and Replace”. A box will open to insert the name you are searching. [note: the replace function is disabled]. The manifests are in varying stages of completion. All except for the Ascot have all of the surnames. As soon as the Ascot is complete I will post a notice. If you need help in locating someone send me a message.”