Photo from James Montequin

James Montequin has this picture, plus a lot of questions and some clues… “The 1930 photo has my grandfather, Francisco -left in second row-, uncle (by marriage), Antonio Gomez, middle in the rear. I can’t identify the others. I have no idea what the event is, but notice the man in the front row has a document rolled up in his hand, the man in the second row on the right is holding it where I can almost be read, and the man in the back left is holding up a folded document. The building is not familiar to me so have no idea as to the location. My three guesses would be the Langeloth, PA area including the nearby towns of Burgettstown, and Slovan; Donora, PA; or Niagara Falls, NY. I only included Niagara Falls as my grandfather and his family lived there from about 1924 to 1926. I included Donora as I know Antonio Gomez lived and worked there.” Picture was taken ca. 1930