Hawaiian Spaniards Facebook Page feted in the San Leandro Times. 28 November 2013

San Leandro resident Michael Muñoz has created a website dedicated to the history and culture of Hawaiian Spaniards, a unique subculture of people who left Spain in the early 20th century and lived in Hawaii for decades before eventually settling in California.

Approximately 8,000 Spanish people left their home country between 1907 and 1913, a time of political unrest in Spain. Those immigrants were recruited to work on sugar an pineapple plantations in Hawaii, where they stayed for years and intermarried with native Hawaiians before eventually looking for better opportunities on the mainland –particularly in San Leandro and the East Bay.

“It was the promised land,” said Muñoz.

Muñoz’s page (www.facebook.com/HawaiianSpaniards) allows other to learn more about his culture and is an opportunity for other Hawaiian Spaniards to communicate despite being a farily small group.

“I started it a number of years ago wanting to put old photos that my grandparents had saved,” said Muñoz. I wanted to give people an opportunity to do the same.” […]

Congratulations, and thanks to all the folks contributing to Hawaiian Spaniards!