Adele Mara

“…Adele Mara, was originally raven haired. But she has been lightened to a pleasant sunburn tone, because the camera isn’t too kind to coal-black hair. And, as previously noted, she was born in Dearborn, Michigan, where her father still works, turning out tanks in the Ford plant.

Adele’s parentage is pure Spanish. Her father came from Salamanca and her mother from Seville. Her real name is Adelaida Delgado—which is obviously too much for a marquee, so she settled for Adele Mara when she first started dancing for a living. Xavier Cugat found her in Detroit before she had finished school. So she sang with his orchestra during vacations and as soon as she was through school, scooted off to NY to earn her way. She landed once more with Cugat, doing a dancing and castanet specialty number. After two years with him, a talent scout found her and whisked her to Hollywood.

At present she is busily adding to her dancing skill by studying with Rita Hayworth’s gifted father, Eduardo Cansino, and working to develop her dramatic talents with dramatic teachers.” –Montana Standard, September 13, 1942.