Distinctions among Spanish immigrants.

A fascinating tidbit from Jaime Cader’s research.

“At the Club Iberico [in San Leandro] at social gatherings, there was a little hierarchy that went on. The Spanish that were from the East Coast [of the U.S.A.], that came from Spain to like, New York, or Connecticut or something – and ended up in the Bay Area, they carried themselves, acted a little better, a little higher caste… better dressed, a little more educated, than the Hawaii branch of Spaniards.
And they were always like the upper crust, and we were always like below them. It was never said. I don’t recall anyone ever saying this…”

Excerpted from Jaime Cader’s interview of Frank Pérez (conducted in Martínez, California, 8 December, 2003) which forms part of Cader’s article “Spanish Immigrants in Hawaii in the Early 1990s and Their Descendants”.
Photo courtesy of Andy González, Monterey, California.