More on Angel Rañon

It´s Angel Rañón Day here on our Facebook page and in West Tampa, Florida.

Angel´s son John writes: “The photo depicts my paternal grandmother, Ramona Rañon, and her son (my father) Angel Rañon. It was taken about 1926, most likely in Ribadeo, Provincia de Lugo, Galicia. At the time, Ramona’s husband and Angel’s father Domingo was in Tampa where he arrived in 1921. For ten long years, son did not know father, because like so many immigrants of the era, Domingo traveled to Cuba first then the U.S. looking for a better life and although in Tampa he found a thriving colony of immigrants from Spain, Cuba, Sicily, and elsewhere, he had to wait until he established himself economically and had acquired the necessary permits to arrange for his family to join him. My grandfather was a very good carpenter and in time founded the construction firm of Rañon & Jimenez, which has endured to this day. On January 1, 1931, the family was re-united – Domingo, Ramona, Angel, and Angel’s brother Juan – in a place that became home to our now extended family. On a side note, on Thursday, January 30th, Angel will be honored as citizen of the year by the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce and the West Tampa Optimist Club, 84 years, 30 days after arriving in our fair city. Happily, his brother Juan and his family and the rest of Angel’s Tampa family will be in attendance to celebrate this special honor.”