A riddle from Walter Pérez:

This historical figure was a gallego and first sailed to Spanish Cuba. He became a notable labor organizer there before sailing to Puerto Rico during its final months as a Spanish territory. In Borinquen, he was editor of 3 labor journals, was appointed organizing secretary for the AFL(American Federation of Labor) in Puerto Rico and Cuba, and was the founder of the pro-statehood, pro-labor Partido Socialista Puertorriqueno. He also served as secretary of the Pan-American Federation of Labor. Furthermore, he served as the island’s sixth Resident Commissioner in Congress. During the Depression, he fought to have Borinquen included in various New Deal Programs.

He had several children, including a prominent labor activist in the continental U.S. and a career military officer. Yet again, an individual with ties to Borinquen and Spain who bridged different worlds and culture. Who was he?

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