Alicia Moreda- an actress and pioneer

This actress was a pioneer in the history of Puerto Rican television and radio, which are considered by many to be important aspects of Hispanic-American Communications History. She was born in the town of Mayaguez to immigrant parents from Asturias. I believe she was the only one of her siblings to be born in the island, but she had convinced everyone in her town that she was a peninsular. Because she was so good at playing the part of a Spanish immigrant, she was known as La Gallega by the townsfolk.

Here is the most touching part of her bio. Toward the end of her life, she carried to small flags in her purse; the flags of Spain and Puerto Rico. She told her loved ones; “…when I die, please make sure I am buried with my two flags, the flags of my two homelands!!!!”

She also made movies and was in Romance en Puerto Rico (1962) with Bobby Capo, a singer much loved by Spanish immigrants in the New York City Area.