Manuel Fernández Juncos

The author of Puerto Rico´s national anthem (Manuel Fernández Juncos) was born in…. Asturias, Spain?

From Walter Pérez: “This immigrant was born in Tresmonte, Asturias and arrived in Puerto Rico as a child. He adopted Borinquen as his country, and I believe he referred to himself as an español-boricua!!! He was a journalist, poet, author, and humanitarian. He founded The Puerto Rican Red Cross and wrote the currently used lyrics to La Borinqueña, the island’s official anthem. He championed the “reasonable” implementation of the English language materials in island institutions during the early years of the American presence. To achieve this, he participated in the painstaking task of translating untold numbers of English textbooks and manuals into Spanish for the island’s schools.

Additional info: a major street in San Juan is named after him and he was a member of the island’s executive cabinet under the autonomic charter (during the last years of Spanish rule).”