Via our friends at Hawaiian Spaniards

 “Joe the barber in Vacaville had an uncle, Juan Lopez Ferri, his wife was Encarnacion Pulido Ortega. Would anyone recognize their daughters as teenagers? I have a photo that a cousin has just identified two of the girls in the back row as: Celia and Amelia Lopez. The “cousins” in this photo are in some cases cousins of cousins. Several of them are Escano and Campos cousins but in the back row L to R, the first is a mystery and numbers 3, 4 and 5 are uncertain. Do you have an opinion? I can identify with “some” certainty everyone else except the boy in the middle on the right end. Please submit your thoughts…. I will share what I know about the photo as a posted comment.”

 *Steven Alonso comments: “back row LtoR: ??; Louise Campos; Celia Lopez; Amelia Lopez; ?? Isabel Campos. Middle: Mary Esano. Front Lto R: Manuel Escano Galiano; Manuel Escano Gonzalez; Herman Campos: ?boy; Virginia Ortega; Doris Escano.”