Gracias a Ish Martínez, que nos cuenta sobre Juan Legido:

“Juan Legido (Marruecos Español, 15 de enero de 1922—Bogotá, Colombia, 26 de mayo de 1989)

“Juan Legido” at La Villa Nueva – The famous Spanish singer and entertainer known as “El Gitano Señorón”, performed at La Villa Nueva in the late 1960’s. I remember he came to Sunny Acres for a visit one time and you could tell by the attention he received and by the way he carried himself that he was a pretty big celebrity. He had a very large repertoire of songs but two of the songs that remind me the most of that era and which really capture his unique style are “El Toro y La Luna” and  “Nadie Como Tu”
There is also a Facebook page out there dedicated to him by his son, Juan Legido Jr.