5 de junio de 1898, fecha de nacimiento de Federico García Lorca…

June 28, 1929

“Dear family,

On arriving in New York, one feels overwhelmed, but not frightened. I found it uplifting to see how man can use science and technology to make something as impressive as a spectacle of nature. It is incredible. The port and the lights of the skyscrapers, easily confused with the stars, the millions of other lights, and the rivers of automobiles are a sight like no other on earth. Paris and London are two tiny villages compared with this vibrant, maddening Babel.

When the ship pulled in, I had a great surprise. A group of Spaniards was there waiting for us: Angel del Río, the professor Federico Onís, the poet León Felipe, a handful of journalists, the managing editor of La Prensa and… brace yourselves!…MAROTO! Maroto, who went crazy hugging and even kissing me. He has just arrived from Mexico, and is earning a lot of money as a painter and commercial artist.

They have been extremely good to me, as has the entire Spanish colony. I can see now what a good thing it is to have become a bit famous: all doors are opened and everyone treats you with distinction.”

Federico writes home about New York. (link)

En español: Federico escribe a su familia desde/sobre Nueva York. (link)