Memorias de un golpe (3)

Memorias de un golpe: Pro-Franquistas en la diáspora (en español más abajo)

In a letter dated 3 September 1937 and addressed to a friend in Spain, the eminent and beloved ophthalmologist Ramón Castroviejo, who had been living in New York for some time, would offer his diagnosis of the state of the Nationalist Cause in NY and the US.

“With regard to what you say about the little work that is being done in the US in favor of the Nationalist Cause, I’ll tell you this. I’m completely convinced the the US is the worse country in the world for Spain’s Nationalist cause for the following reasons. FIrst, because the Roosevelt administration is against us. This guy is a demagogue like Azaña, who is seeking the support of the masses, because the conservative people in the country were abandoning him. To keep the masses happy he has to adopt a radical attitude. Second because, with only rare exceptions, we’ve got all the Jews against us. The Jews control the press, movies, radio, a good part of the banking system, business, and they don’t miss a chance to proseletyze against us. Third: the communists, with support from the socialists and the liberals are against us, and they are mounting a formidable campaign to discredit us, and to make this country believe that this is a struggle between the government which defends democracy, and tyrannical fascism. And as you know, since everything in this country is about advertising, and since they are like a flock of sheep, if they are told once the bit about democracy, they might even question it with a very American pseudo-intellectual attitude; but when they see something printed three or four times in a newspaper, they take it to be an article of dogma. Fourth: conservative people, who are the only ones that could help us, have the same attitude as almost all conservative people in the world; that is, that won’t lift a finger to help anyone, first because they’re lazy, second because they’re cowardly, and third because they’re afraid of backlash from the other side…I hope that one day what is happening in Spain happens here, so I can have pleasure of revenge and to then show these cowards what a mistake it was not to take timely precautions when they saw Spain struggling to get out of the grips of communist barbarity.

Fifth: another force that has tremendous importance in this country is the very fierce hatred that the non-catholics hold toward catholics… In truth, the only organization that has done right by us here is the catholic church, which from the start has been on our side and in all of its publications tries to unmask the Reds.

You know that the typical American, despite his hypocrisy and pseudo-intellectualism, is like a sheep, who can’t see beyond what the advertisements tell him. That’s how people have become millionaires selling chewing, Listerine and other such products. With a good advertising campaign mounted on a large scale, we could win over the opinion, especially of the middle and wealthy classes, who are the ones that stand to lose the most when communism tries to impose itself here, and believe me, it’s scary to see how communism is progressing in this country…”