Lovely portrait courtesy of José García. José escribe:

“Baltasar Suarez Lopez was born in Mera in 1876 were he was known as “alcalde” probably because his father was the Alcalde and even today his family is known by that name. As early as 1893 a seventeen year old lad he gets his “libreta de navegación” probably he went to the “Guerra de Cuba” 1898 and return to get married. In 1901 we find him in Liverpool with other eight men from Oleiros aboard the Germanic to work in the port of New York as firemen. They spend a couple of years and return mostly of course they could´t read not write in their language so the only work available was firemen I find that in those merchants sailing from New York to the Caribean Sea the firemen were “Gallegos” . So by 1903 he saw him and twelve more taking passage in Bremen in the Konprinz Koningen Wilhelm. I find that between 1898 and the beginning of First World War the 80% of the men between 15 and 50 emigrated to work in New York . His last voyage is april 1912 sailing from Coruña in the Hudson in those years ships stop in Coruña and Vigo he was 36 years old in 1920 the New York Free Port close and the emigration was limited to stablished cuotas. I knew “tio Baltasar” when I was a young boy with the money he made a house bought a few “parcelas” of land to work .