#2: Michael Modesto Cáceres Cipressi

“Because the life was still so tough over there, especially under Franco, they always felt that they needed to send, you know, to help their relatives out. So they would collect all kinds of clothing from family members from other friends around the neighborhood – shoes, money, whatever they could send. I think even some books sometimes. And they would send it over for our relatives to use, to have something, especially something from America, you know. I think that was part of it as well.

When I was there two years ago and met my cousin Antonio Gonzalez Martín for the first time. His grand father and my great grandfather were brothers, and they were from Macharaviaya in the Provincia de Málaga, but this was in San Martín del Tesorillo, And so, when he would introduce me to anyone that was my age or older, he would always introduce me by saying “This is the grandson of my cousin from America who used to send the boxes.” And they would all remember. They all remembered that – it was like Christmas for them.”

(San Leandro, CA. June 12, 2013)