#7: Marilu Navas

“My grandmother had a little bungalow, you know you rented bungalows, and then I think she got rid of the bungalow. But every Sunday in the summertime we would go to Staten Island. There were Basques out there, there were Asturianos, there were Gallegos, and it was just a community of people that became friends, were intimate friends who lived in Brooklyn, who lived in Manhattan, but in the summertime everybody was in Staten Island. It was called Annadale. I remember there was this Guipuzcuano, from Guipuzcoa, and they called him ‘Guipus.’ He was a friend of my father.

I do remember as a child there was Villa Garcia, there was Villa Nueva, there was the overlook in Ellenville, and these are places that people went to. They went there for a week, to spend the summer.

I mean, you know, we went to the Villas if something big was happening. But we went to Staten Island every Sunday, we went to Staten Island, to Annadale.”

(Manhattan, New York. June 26, 2013)