#6: Anna Mari Aguirre

“We had dance classes. Um, the teacher was a gentleman by the name of Juan Oñatibia. And every Saturday, come rain, come shine, we would be at Centro Vasco for our dance classes. And I started dancing from approximately the age of four, until I was in college. My parents were very active in the functions and activities of Centro Vasco, so it was, it was a given; it was a norm for us, in the family, that, if there was a function at Centro Vasco, we went to the function. And, you know, steeped in that day to day type of culture, you know, it’s, it’s a normal thing. Um, I do know that when my parents, my parents were dating, they would also go to the functions at the Nacional. You know, so there was a lot of activity with, you know, other Spanish-speaking entities as well. We would go to Casa Galicia. As a matter of fact, we would dance at Casa Galicia, um, for the Christmas, Christmas show holidays. Because Casa Galicia would always put on a show, um, and have, you know, Santa Claus there for the kids and stuff, and, Centro Vasco, we always participated.”

(Brooklyn, New York. June 23, 2013)