#10: Emilio Cal

“This is a picture of my mother and father. They were born in Spain, met here in Monterey. My father was a fisherman, my mother worked in the canneries. Uh, my dad was born in Ferrol, my mother was born in Sada, but they met in Monterey. My dad was born in 19, uh, in 1897, and my mother was born in 1903. And, uh, they lived a happy life, almost, they almost made fifty years, but, uh, not quite. My mother died at 69, my dad was 88 when he died. Uh, they raised my brother and I. They come from, uh, my grandfather brought my mother and my aunt, and a cousin on my mother’s, Carmen, to, uh, Monterey. He left my grandmother though in Spain. They do those, haha; In Spain, you could do almost anything you wanted to in those days. And, my mother didn’t want to come to Califo-, didn’t want to come to Monte-, to the United States. She wanted to stay in Spain, but, uh, with her mother, but, uh, my grandfather said ‘no.’ And so, he brought her here.”

(Monterey, California. June 25, 2012)“