#15: Anthony Carreño

“In fact, I would say that for a long time I just, in my own mind I just assumed that English, Sicilian and Spanish were the same language, simply spoken on different occasions. Por ejemplo, en la casa nuestra, mis padres hablaban una mezcla de ingles y español entre ellos. Otra vez, mi madre era de la herencia siciliana, mi padre de la herencia española. Y cuando estaban mis abuelos sicilianos hablaban solamente en siciliano. Entonces en fiestas o en occasions allí en la casa se oía los tres idiomas. Yo pienso que – I’m going to switch to English here – I began to realize the uniqueness of our atmosphere in West Tampa and Ybor City as television became more common. That was a strong outside influence. We got our first television set when I was about five. And of course on TV you heard only English, so I think that’s when I began to fully understand that my cultural experience was not the norm in the greater United States.”

(Tampa, Florida. March 21, 2013)