#18: Michael Modesto Cáceres Cipressi

“So my feeling was, besides finding documents, when I was there, was to reconnect with cousins that we lost touch with, and to walk those streets that they did. Every place I go to I touch the dirt because I want to feel the dirt that they worked. I want to get into those fields, see what it was, be out there in the heat, to try to have some sort of experience that they did. And that’s what it is for me – it’s the connection. It’s not anything monetary. People have told me I should write a book, I may. But I want to bring it back to those in my family here that want to know. Some don’t – they’re American and this is what they know and they have no concept of what it is over there. That’s fine, that’s how they live. The ones who want to know – it’s here for them, that’s what I’m trying to do, is just try to establish a wealth of knowledge and maybe they can continue on after I’m gone to see if they can expand it even further.”

(San Leandro, California. June 12, 2013)