#16: Larry Campos

“Yeah, I used to love the stories, um, one if I may share, just real quick; it was just so funny. Um, there was, there was in Esparto, which is another small town, and the name is Esparta just like Spanish, just like the grass. They, they were up north in a tent, and, um, I remember the family, the man, Tony Beranco. He, my dad, and some other Spaniards were up there working for an American who owned the land, knocking almonds, and, um, and, and the guy had a parrot. And he had a German Shephard. And, for some reason, and I don’t know the whole story but I’ve never forgotten it. I, I loved it, my dad used to laugh. For some reason, uh, sometimes they’d work near the home or whatever, and that parrot didn’t like Tony. And Tony was an extremely nice person, and he would actually tell that dog, ‘sic em’, and that damned dog would go after Tony. And the parrot, and, and that’s a true story. I, I, for some reason, what can I say? But I, I just hear stories like that and it warms your heart.”

(Winters, California. June 13, 2013)